Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura!

The only pictures I had of Laura has one of my kids in them, but that just means she is a wonderful aunt and sister!
She is always willing to help me with my kids and house work. Laura, super aunt!
She is our wakeboarding goddess! (she'll hate me for that comment)

We love you Laura Lou and hope you have a fabulous 24th birthday!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bridals and Groomals

On Saturday (probably the coldest day of the year so far) I went out with Tyler's family and helped take some wedding pictures of Kurtis (Ty's brother) and his fiance, Griselda. I borrowed Laura's umbrella... thanks! I think they turned out pretty well considering my poor quality digital camera.
You can tell by their faces what the temperature may have been! By this point it was windy, so it felt about 20 degrees.
These next two were taken at the new Hotel Marriot. The hallway with lights was actually in the Riverwoods Conference Center.
This staircase had this really cool 'damask' wallpaper. (I hope that's what it's called) I would love to wallpaper a room in my house with the same stuff!
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Spaghetti Please

After lunch the other day I let Max bring up the tupperware of left over spaghetti noodles. He loves to eat them cold. Jack decided he'd like to try them too!
He ended up tipping the bowl over onto the carpet and had fun playing in the noodles. Max joined in too. Good thing they were cold or I would have had noodles stuck in the carpet.
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Monday, November 2, 2009


We celebrated Halloween this year with Batman and little fireman Jack. We had a fun filled day with a neighborhood barbeque, visiting grandparents and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Max and his cousin Chance were fighting crime together in matching costumes. We took pictures with lots of cousins so I won't name them all. The best costume was probably Max's cousin Emma, dressed as Tina Turner. So cute!
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A visit from Melissa and Merrick

After our trip to California, Melissa and Merrick decided to fly to Utah the next weekend for a quick visit while her husband was in Italy.
It was fun to be able to see them two weekends in a row!

Max loves to hold Jack, so naturally he wanted to hold Merrick too; I don't think he realized that Merrick is bigger than him so he opted to let Merrick sit next to him instead! Wise choice.

Squishing three kids in the back seat.
The pumpkin walk with Jack and Merrick sporting their "All tricked out" shirts.
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Weekend in California

Cute little twins!

Little Yoda
For a weekend in October Jack and I flew to California with Adrienne and Laura (two of my sisters) to visit my other sister Melissa and her little boy Merrick. The boys are just 3 months apart so it was fun watching the two babies interact and play 'tug of war' with the toys.
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Jack's first haircut

Finally at the age of 9 months we decided to give Jack his first haircut. What can I say other than he looked like a girl; so it was definitely needed! We put him in his purple bumbo and gave him a piece of licorice to keep him entertained. He ended up with hair all over the licorice but kept trying to put it in his mouth. He did great and the ending result made him look like a little man. Tyler was on a roll and cut his hair along with Max's. I was cleaning up dark brown, red and blonde hair out of the sink while Tyler hosed Max down in the shower. Needless to say Max cried while he got his hair cut and Jack just stared!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Top of Utah Marathon - Sept. 19

Here is my dad in the yellow shirt running through Nibley
my dad (#251) and my Uncle Tom (#751) running in the Top of Utah Marathon on Saturday.
Dr.Pepper is the drink of choice for a little 'pick me up'
My Uncle Jake also sporting the D.P.

Big 'props' to my dad, my uncle Jake, my uncle Tom and my cousin Kristin for running the 26.2 marathon. My dad is a true "marathon man;" running in many marathons throughout the summer. He is amazing and continues to impress us all. Someday maybe I will conquer a marathon, but until then I will just be a great supporter.
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more marathon pictures...

Cousin Polly and Max embracing! She is so adorable and always willing to give Max a hug or kiss; whether he wants one or not!
Four of the five sisters waiting at the Tabernacle to cheer on the runners.
Cousin Bruce and Jack just hanging out on the blanket... oblivious to the excitement all around them.

McKinleys poster for her dad.
(My uncle Tom)
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Oneida - Sept. 19

Hanging out on the boat... Polly, Max, Katie and McKinley
Here I am attempting to wake surf...
Just a little bit windy
Me wakeboarding
We had a fun Saturday afternoon with our family at Oneida Narrows; even if it did take forever to figure out where we were going to go...Posted by Picasa

Boating at Cutler Dam

Max and his cousin Chance getting ready to go for a swim!
The three boys just chillin' (Hunter, Chance and Max)

"Get me out of this thing!" Jack did not like his life jacket.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Max's first day of Preschool!

All ready to go!
"The sun is in my eyes!"
The giant Thomas backpack!
Standing outside his preschool door. He looks a little nervous...