Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lake Powell June 2011 (Trip #1)

 Tyler and I surfing together.  We took our first Lake Powell trip in June and had a blast with my mom and her sister (Aunt Sherrie)  Cousins:  Megan, Greg and their kids, Abbey and Sam and Cousin Heidi and her little guy, Logan!  Also, my sisters:  Adrienne, Laura and Clark and Katie.  Thanks for the fun trip everyone!
 I'm back there somewhere!
 Max was a great "flag boy".  He is content to just watch everyone have fun in the water!  He prefers that.
 All tuckered out after a long day of flag holding.
 The girls keeping up on their hair removal.  L to R  Cousin Megan, Laura, Katie and Adrienne
 Sand castle fun!  Clark and Greg made a spectacular castle.  I didn't get a decent shot of the final product, but the kids had fun "sort of" helping. 
 Jack, Max and cousin Sam!
 Our little family!  We all had fun taking some "dusk" pictures on the sandstone rocks. 
 Max and Jack posing for a late night picture
Tyler and Jack on the tube!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay

 In June I ran the Ragnar Relay with my good friend Karlee Fryer and some of her family and their friends!  It was SO FUN!  Here we are at the starting line up at Utah State at 4 AM!!!  This was our 6 member group for Van 1.  Van 2 consisted of 6 more family members of Karlee.  A team total of 12 that ran from Logan to Park City!  I don't remember our finishing time but I think our team averaged a 9 min mile.  I did not contribute to that speed however; I am what you would call a "slow runner"! 
 Karlee and me.  Best friends since 1st grade!
 The four girls from our van.  left to right:  Karlee, Tausha (friend of Karlee's sis), me, Larissa (Karlee's sister)   The "Honey Buckets" were a place I would frequent before each run! 
Here is the entire group of 12 at the finish line!  We did it!!!  I was proud of myself for finishing the race considering my "training" started just 2 months prior.  I did not inherit my dad's "runner legs"!  I'm excited to run next year's race with my family!  Woot Woot!

Girls Camp

 The month of June brought Girls Camp, Ragnar and Lake Powell!  It was a busy month!  Here is our Young Women's group and leaders.  We were the VIKINGS and our theme was "I can do hard things".  The girls definitely got a taste of "hard things" since it POURED rain the majority of the week.  We had tents flooding and wet girls!  Luckily there was a nice cabin across the river that we were able to stay in overnight.
 Hiking with the girls...
This would be the "Leaders' Skit"  It was a rap/dance... need I say more?  Heeeyyyy, Hooooo!


 In May I went to Boise, ID to see WICKED with Tyler's Family!  This was my second time seeing it and it was just as good, if not better, than the first!  We had a really fun "girl's weekend".
 Here is the whole group after the show was over.  Our seats were separated from each other and Tyler's aunt and sister in law were approached during intermission and offered 3rd row seats for the second half of the show!  Lucky huh!?  We were almost as happy up in the nose bleed section with our binochulars! :)
 On the way home we stopped in Twin Falls to see the Shoshone Falls.  Very cool!

Catching Up! Spring and Summer...

 Max the soccer player
 The Skittles team!  Max and Chance on the front row...
 Going for it...
Coach "Dad" pointing the way!  Max has a tendency to stick his tongue out when he plays soccer or anything for that matter.  He gets it from his dad.  One of the parents commented after a game saying, "It's so cute when he sticks his tongue out!"  Max overheard the comment and said, "That's how I focus!" 
Max LOVED his first year of soccer, especially since his dad was the coach and Aunt Kim was assistant coach with cousin Chance on his team!  Max is signed up to play Fall soccer with dad as his coach again!