Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family Pictures

Yeah! We finally did it! It has been almost three years since we have taken a decent family picture. Since it was long overdue, I added quite a few; however, if you would like to see more, visit this website

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This one is my favorite, it melts my heart! The boys love playing with daddy.
Sweet kisses from my two sweet boys!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Festivities

Grandma and grandpa with the boys
The family came over again this year to carve and paint pumpkins! The final products...
Katie had just gotten out of the shower and wasn't too thrilled that I was taking her picture but tough beans! At least grandpa is happy to be there! I have this same picture of him last year with Laura next to him smiling the same way! Love it!
Max's face looks funny but I love the look on Jack's face as he peeks into the pumpkin
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More Halloween

The aftermath... Wet boys! We finished a couple houses in the car after Tyler ran home to retrieve it for us!
Trick or treating in the mall parking lot!

Just woke up from a nap and ready to trick or treat! Happy Halloween!
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Trick or Treat!

This year was a WET Halloween! We had a neighborhood BBQ around 4pm with no rain and as soon as the kids were ready to go trick or treating, down came the rain. I've never heard of a little rain stopping any child from scoring some free candy, so on we went!
Max, the sword fighting ninja and Jack, the content chicken.
A wet chicken enjoying a donut (or should I say, "Do dut")
The mask is off and he's ready for some serious trick or treating.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lake Powell

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Lake Powell Part 4

Asleep with the wind in his hair! Ain't nothing better!
Well, maybe sunglasses is better!
We drove the speed boat down a beautiful canyon called Escalante Canyon and stopped for lunch in a cool "cave like" area.
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Lake Powell Part 3

Jack always fell asleep on the speed boat. Those were some of his best naps on the trip.
Getting messy in the sand. The kids would spend hours digging in the sand and throwing rocks in the water.
Tyler's cute grandpa just hanging out on the slide! This was one of his favorite spots to relax. He never actually went down the slide though.
Tyler and the boys on a wave runner ride! (The sun was starting to go down so the picture quality is bad)
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Lake Powell Part 2

Jack LOVED jumping off the speed boat to Tyler! He was so brave and kept saying, "More, More!"

A tube ride with grandma and grandpa
Max and dad on the tube. Max was a little more aprehensive about the water than Jack. It took a lot of bribery to get him to jump in the water; as soon as Tyler promised Max a nerf gun, he was in!
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Lake Powell Sept. 2010

FINALLY!!! A new blog post! I'm going to be playing catch up for awhile so expect a lot of pictures from summer to fall. So here goes... (above) Jack chillin' on the house boat having a snack.
We went to Lake Powell the end of September with Tyler's family. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand and jumping in the water. Jack is driving the house boat and saying, "That looks like a nice, sandy spot to anchor the boat dad!"
Emma, Max and Kaleb inspecting a catfish that grandpa caught.
Emma and Max riding on the boat. This was their favorite spot to sit.
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