Monday, June 28, 2010

Chef Max

My cute friend in my ward, Andrea Krogh, had the cutest birthday party for her daughter. It was a "cooking" party and she made these adorable apron's and chef hats. She made the apron out of a dish towel and the hat out of card stock and tissue paper! Fun right!? As you can see by the look on Max's face, it was a fun and creative party.
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Summer begins...

Just a random sampler of a few summer photos...
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Blast from the Past!

My ALL time favorite teacher works at the same elementary school as my mother. (small world eh?) I've been so excited to go see her, so last month I drove down to Syracuse and had a "blast from the past" with Miss Becky Potter (now Mrs. Beckstead). I even brought the picture of us together on the last day of 3rd grade. So here we are holding the picture of us about 20 years ago; complete with the "I love books" blocks behind us. The blocks were in her room in 1990 and she still has them! She hasn't changed at all and it was so fun to see her again! My favorite memories of elementary school were in her class and she even made sure that I went to the Valentine's Tea with my 3rd grade crush, Jackson Couch! She was the best.
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