Sunday, August 30, 2009

More corn please!

"This is corn you say?"
"hmmm... interesting texture and taste"
"Is it kosher to put your whole mouth over it like this?"
"My cheeks are definitely storing this stuff for the winter"
"I'm now feeling a little woozy"
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I didn't realize I was posting four seperate posts when I did the cupcake pictures. Oops! My bad.

Boating at Glendale

Max was playing on the water weenie on the beach and said, "mom, do you want to watch me boing?" ('boing' meaning bounce)
Jack chillin' in his carseat
Our friends/neighbors invited us to go boating at Glendale Lake on Saturday. The kids played on the "rocky beach" and we all enjoyed wakeboarding and tubing. I was so proud of Max for getting on the tube with Tyler and being so brave when the boat picked up speed. I thought my camera was back on the beach so I didn't get a picture of the tube ride, but it turns out my camera was in my bag the whole time! So frustrating. We had a fun day and Jack even enjoyed the boat ride.
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I made some birthday cupcakes for my cute neighbor Paige. Max is always looking for an excuse to make cupcakes so he can frost and lick his own cupcake as much as he wants. I babysat my neice and nephew that night so they frosted one too. I love the Neon Food Coloring. It's so bright and fun.
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Jack even managed to get a taste of green frosting! When I wasn't looking, he leaned over in his bumbo (it's purple by the way) and grabbed a cupcake. He looked at his hand and then put it in his mouth. He loved it! (and who wouldn't?)
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NEON frosting with a NEON shirt!
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It takes a lot of concentration to frost a cupcake.
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Friday, August 28, 2009


FINALLY I have joined the blogging world! Now I'll have a new addiction and CONTINUE to neglect the things that REALLY need to get done. So here is a little glimpse into the CRAZY life of the FALSLEV FAMILY. I put this picture up to show how RANDOM and SILLY my boys are. You'll definitely see MORE and MORE of them and not enough of anything else. SOOO... HAPPY READING!

Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

Tyler's sister Katie and I decided to can beans this year. She planted a garden and had oodles of beans. So we tried our luck with canning and I think we did a great job as rookies. Now we are pros and want to try peaches! These are just a few of the bottles...